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ICRIN Slide Show

The linked images contained here represent a short (15 slide images) presentation of the purpose, structure, and benefits of the ICRIN home page. Each image is about an 8-10K interleaved GIF download.

To start the slide show, click on the highlighted |Forward| text. You may also move to the first image, to the last image, or return to the ICRIN home page, as indicated on the icons on each slide.

This capability demonstrates how others may easily add interesting content to the WEB to share with a world-wide audience, not just people who may be able to attend a certain meeting.

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CIRCL - University of Pittsburgh ICRIN is sponsored by the:
Center for Injury Research and Control (CIRCL)
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Author: Hank Weiss MS, MPH, PhD Visiting Research Professor
Co-WebMaster: Gerald McGwin Jr. MS, PhD
URL: http://injurycontrol.com/icrin
Initial posting:1/1/95, Acknowledgments

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